Drawing Basics and Video Game Art: Classic to Cutting Edge Art Techniques for Winning Video Game Design (Watson Guptill 2012) explores the aesthetics of video games, and serves as a practical reference for creating complex narratives and varied emotional experiences in games. Distinguished titles—including Journey, Gears of War, and ICO—are studied alongside artworks by the Old Masters to illustrate video gaming's place in the history of art.

Classical design techniques for enhancing the illusion of life, weight, and movement in virtual worlds are taught through traditional drawing, and are applied to character design, level design, environment design, and interaction design.

Although Drawing Basics and Video Game Art is primarily aimed at game developers of all experience levels, readers also include professionals working in film production, architecture, fine art, and non-gamers interested to learn about gaming's future, and potential as an artistic medium.


"This book supports my 30-year crusade to demonstrate that games are an art form that undeniably rivals traditional arts. It gives detailed explanations of game art techniques and their importance while also highlighting their dependence on artistic aspects of game design and programming"

John Romero, cofounder of id Software and CEO of Loot Drop, Inc.


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A Japanese translation of the book will be published late-May 2014