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Chris Solarski / クリスソラースキ
Author, Game Director and Studio Owner

Zurich / Switzerland
Email / csolarski@gmail.com

About Chris Solarski
Chris’ career started at Sony Computer Entertainment’s London Studio as a character and environment artist before making a career-defining detour into figurative oil painting. The unusual mix of game art and classical art knowledge eventually resulted in Chris producing a disruptive design framework for video games and transmedia (VR, AR, XR, etc.) based on shape language and composition, two books and ongoing speaking opportunities at international venues including the Smithsonian Museum’s landmark The Art of Video Games exhibition, Disney Research, SXSW, Google and FMX.

The Adaptive Gameplay Aesthetics framework—the first art-driven design methodology for heightening physical and emotional empathy—and Chris' two books are widely considered essential reading for user-experience (UX) related design fields. The first book, Drawing Basics and Video Game Art, has been translated into Japanese and Korean and is endorsed by id Software co-founder, John Romero. The second book, Interactive Stories and Video Game Art, has been described as gaming's equivalent to the screenwriting classic, Story, by Robert McKee and endorsed by film director Marc Forster. Other notable endorsements include:

"The concepts presented in Interactive Stories and Video Game Art remind me of Joseph Campbell's powerful demonstration of a universal storytelling structure. Coming from a technical game design background yet being artistically inclined, I never considered that atomic elements such as shapes, lines of movement and transitions contain a vocabulary strong enough to sculpt our mood, whether consciously or unconsciously. This book creates that wonderful feeling of learning new letters, which soon prove useful to form new sentences for bringing new poetry to the world."
Stéphane Assadourian, Veteran Game Production Consultant and founding member of the 'Assassin’s Creed' franchise

"Interactive Stories and Video Game Art is a great game design resource, as it breaks down shape theory in all aspects of design."
Max Pears, Level Designer at CD Projekt Red on 'Cyberpunk 2077,' formerly at Ubisoft on 'The Division'

Chris is currently developing an indie game based on Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.
He also lectures at SAE Institute in Zurich and manages the IGDA Switzerland Chapter and co-founded the IGDA Game Art Special Interest Group (SIG).

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